The INCA SOLAR mounting rails for trapezoidal and sandwich panel roof systems continue to be an aesthetic, ergonomic, and cost-effective roof installation system. INCA SOLAR mounting rails provide optimum solutions for installation suitable for horizontal and vertical arrangements with various options for height and width. Trapezoidal and sandwich panel roofs can typically have 3, 4 or 5 ribs. The rails in full length are cut to different sizes according to different trapezoidal roof and rib spacing, and an EPDM waterproofing band is applied under each rail so that it aligns with the screw hole to prevent water leaks. The use of holders and the INCA SOLAR easy nut during the installation phase reduces the installation time and saves time. The trapezoidal and sandwich panel roof installation kits are still the most convenient and cost-effective application systems. Our rails are designed to carry panel load as well as wind and snow load according to their capacity and have undergone static tests.

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