Inca Global aims to provide assistance to our customers to improve their trading processes by offering various solutions. As a company that constantly expands our network for both customers and manufacturers, we can position ourselves in suitable positions in the renewed sector. As of now, we are working with more than 10 manufacturers from different sectors and responding to the needs of our customers with the best price, delivery time and special requests, if any. Our main export sales are related to aluminum profile, billets and ingots, glass and stainless steel.


With our network and dedicated work, we aim to increase your export sales while maintaining the most important quality and standards among manufacturers and customers.


To provide quality service to make our brand preferable in the global market. To increase our capacity, including our team, business partners and worldwide office/branch location. As our company grows, we also reduce our carbon footprint as much as we can.




Inca Global has many strategic business partners in Turkey. As soon as there is a demand from our customers, we immediately contact the manufacturers and offer competitive prices, fast production and high quality products to all our customers in a short time.

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